Hi there, And welcome on my site! On this site you can checkout all my work and projects I made in the last few years. Some things I made for school and clients and there is a lot of stuff I just make for fun. As you can see I like to do a lot of different stuff in the media world: Websites, Video Editing, Level Design and creating Music. If you like something you see and you want me to make something for you, just let me know.
Music.Blitzy.nl (Second Editon!)
I finally managed to finish the totally new Music.Blitzy.nl. I made some major changes and I came up with a new fresh design for the website. Everyone needs to re-sign up again because of all the changes. So don’t wait any longer and find out what you can do as a member.

- New design. - You can now search for tracks and members. - You can now post messages by other members. - You can now vote for every single track. - You can add stream music to your own profile page. - And much more...
Promotion Poster Fallen
These are the promotion posters for the 2D game Fallen. I designed the background and forground. The Bricks are made from self made textures. One poster is evil and one is good, A key element that is important to the game.
Because im a huge movie-trailer fan, i had the idea to make a interactive website for it. A site where the user realy can bring up some thoughts. The idea was that users also could submit there own self made trailer movies. They can talk about the pro-trailers and share there own creative work. The interactive part with the trailers is working but the site is only 70% complete.
However BehindSunrise is the prototype of my upcoming game/mod. This will be my first map for it. It’s a kind off dark and evil place somewhere below the ground. It looks like some hidden church where no one can come out alive. You will encounter monsters like giant spiders and ghost. The traps and obstacles are more like a puzzler and you need to understand the meaning of light. Map is 20% finished.
Elements Games
A website i made for my stage work. The company elements is a company that developed mobile games. They asked me to make a new design for there website. Customers can buy the games en upload there topscores.
Find Yourself
This is my second lost movie and its about the first six episodes from Season three. The music is from James Newton Howard. I use the track “Myothis” because it really fits the action parts and the part with the flashback. It was like this track was made for this movie. The movie is 2:42 min long.
Logo Collection
Different logos i made in the past few years. Most logos where made for school project
Until now my favourite project where I have worked on and a creation where I am pretty proud on. BehindSunrise is the prototype for my upcoming mod/game and my latest addition for the Bunnytrack community. You start in some caves where you clime your way up into the mountains, there u found the temple that holds many secrets and needs to be discovered. For the traps and obstacles I got inspired by the Indiana Jones movies. I used a lot of custom stuff in this map. The most fun part in this map is the laser dance that you encounter at the end of this adventure.